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Our aim is to provide high calibre personnel across Herts, Beds and Bucks to make sure the next generation receive the best possible start to their education and ensuring the careers of fully trained, qualified teachers is firmly on the right track.

These are the steps we take to ensure that the teachers we provide are he most appropriate for your school and your standards. Our staff cover can be day, short term or long term, depending on your needs and that of the school. We have helped relieve pressure due to illness, maternity cover, stress, and preparation for ofsted inspections.
We are registered as an REC member, Investors in People, and are known for our standards.

Try us - We're sure you will be delighted.

All of our teachers have obtained one of the following qualifications:-

  • B.Ed
  • Certificate of Ed
  • P.G.C.E
  • BA/BSc with QTS
  • P.G.C.E in FE
  • Certificate of Ed. In FE
  • Overseas qualification (UK Naric Equivalent)

The safety and welfare of children is considered at all times and it is our policy to ensure that all relevant pre-registration checks are carried out by staff that are trained in procedures and understand their responsibilities.

We thoroughly vet all of our supply teachers to ensure suitability. Checks are completed prior to the first placement of a teacher and are repeated during service if required. The following checks apply to all teaching personnel and, unless otherwise stated, are conducted prior to placement.

  • Interviewed
  • Clear List 99
  • Have a current CRB check or are in the process of being checked
  • Qualifications verified
  • Two written references
  • Signed Rehabilitation of the offenders Act statement
  • Registered with GTC
  • Have permission to work in the UK
  • Identity checks
  • Health declaration

All teachers are required to undergo a CRB Enhanced Disclosure check prior to placement. If a teacher has an existing disclosure we will:

  • Approach the registered countersignatory
    We send the attached letter to the countersignatory having sort permission from the teacher
  • A teacher can't commence an assignment while an application is in progress
  • Rehabilitation of the Offenders Act
    All teachers are required to sign the Rehabilitation of the Offenders Act during the application process.
  • List 99
    All teachers are subject to a check against List 99 prior to placement. This is undertaken after interview and a copy is retained on the teachers file. Further checks are carried out every 6 months to ensure the teachers continued suitability to teach.

All teachers are required to provided details of at least two referees, one of whom must be their previous/current employer and ideally both who are able to comment directly on their performance in the education field. Both referees must be senior to the teacher and be contactable at their place of work.

We require both references to be in writing prior to placement.

Verbal references may be taken but written follow up is required.

A teacher may be placed on the strength of one written and one verbal reference. If the referee fails to respond to our reference request we approach the teacher and ask for a third referee or for the teacher to prompt the referee on our behalf. We would normally expect confirmation of a written reference to be received within one week.

Open references are accepted in addition to two written references.

A teacher would not be placed on the strength of an open reference. If the referee is the teacher's last employer we would approach them and ask them to verify the contents.

References are scrutinised by the recruiting consultant and if we are not entirely satisfied with the content we request additional references or make a decision not to engage the teacher.

All teachers must provide evidence that they hold qualified teacher status (QTS) or evidence of qualifications that are relevant to the role. Ideally we require original documentation but in the absence of this a letter confirming the qualification from the training provider or a notarised copy will be accepted.

From time to time the agency will check the authenticity of qualifications with the issuing institution and we seek the teacherĂ­s authority to do this.

All teachers with QTS must be registered with the GTC or be in the process of applying. Forms are available and teachers are encouraged to register at interview. We check on a regular basis as to whether the teacherĂ­s registration is successful. If the teacher fails to register within an agreed time we make the decision continue to encourage them to do so. If a teacher provides their registration number we check with GTC on a regular basis to ensure that it is valid.

All teachers attend a personal face-to-face interview prior to placement with a qualified interviewer

All teachers are required to provide at least 3 forms of identification two of which must be from group A and one must contain a photograph and if applicable one from group B. A further one item of identification is required from Group C and must show a teachers current address.

Acceptable ID documents

  • A Valid passport and Visa/Permission to work
  • UK PhotoDriving licence (if passport is not provided)
  • Birth certificate
  • EU Identity card

If the teacher has changed names through either deed-poll or marriage documents in support of this will be required
  • p45/60 Statement
  • Bank or building society *
  • Utility bill*
  • Mortgage/Insurance statement*
  • Addressed payslip*
  • Correspondence from government department ie benefits agency, the employment service, the Inland Revenue*

* Dated within 3 months

Medical Declaration
Teachers are required to complete a medical health questionnaire at registration. The information given will be kept strictly confidential and used only to access needs in the workplace. If the teacher declares a condition that we feel may affect their ability to teach in the classroom we do require a letter from their GP.

Permission to Work
To comply with the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 we ensure that the teacher has been given valid and subsiding leave to be in the UK by the Government and that leave does not restrict them in taking the job in question. We satisfy ourselves that the teacher is the rightful holder of any of the documents presented to us by checking: -

  • Photographic ID to ensure that we are satisfied that they are consistent appearance of the teacher
  • Dates of birth listed so that we are satisfied these are consistent with the appearance of the teacher
  • Expiry dates of passports and visas are valid and ensure that adequate monitoring systems are in place to signal the pending expiry of key documentation
  • United Kingdom Government stamps or endorsements to see if the work seeker is able to do the type of work we are offering and that the proposed hours are permissible
  • any name changes are supported by the appropriate documentation

Complete/Incomplete Checks
We make every effort to place a teacher on the completion of all checks. The school is advised if any checks are outstanding and we do seek their permission to place the teacher in the absence these. The minimum checks that we would place a teacher on are:-

  • Interview
  • CRB/CRB in progress
  • List 99
  • One written reference/one verbal
  • Health declaration
  • Permission to work
  • GTC Registration confirmed/in progress
  • ID
  • Qualifications Signed Rehabilitation of the Offenders Act

Information that comes to light after placement
Should information come to light after the teacher has been placed; we will in the first instance speak with the teacher, if this is appropriate and either terminate our contract with the teacher or discuss findings with the client in order to obtain their agreement to continuing with the placement. Our Misconduct Policy details the steps that we would take in the event that a teacher is placed who has been barred from teaching.

Copies of Documentation
All documents are photocopied and signed and dated by the consultant as "originals seen". These are kept in the teacher's personal file.