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How to send your CV to Teachers For Schools.

Making your CV easy to read is a great way to ensure that we can quickly and easily find work for you.

Due to the many differring types of word processors and operating systems that people use we receive some very exotic files that often we are unable to read or we need to translate into a format we can use.

Following these steps couldn't be any easier...

  • Get your CV ready and when its finished - save it
  • Go to the 'File' Menu and select 'Save As'
  • At this point you should be met with some options at the bottom of the dialogue window.
    One of these options will be 'File Type' or something similar depending which version of Windows or Mac or Linux you use,
    and of course, which Word Processor, but they will all save as an RTF.
  • Select RTF as your option.
  • Save with the following title:

    Where 'myName' is YOUR name

    ( an example might be : JanetLongCV.rtf or perhaps JamesHillCV.rtf )
  • Send your CV to us.
    You can upload your CV to us from the Teachers For Schools website - here
    or email your CV to us using your email program.

    Lets make it easy for us to get you working.